When an individual joins First Legacy Community Credit Union there are a range of services immediately available to them. A minimum deposit of $20.00 plus a fee of $10.00 opens an account and establishes life membership. Consider all the services and options available:

Savings Accounts
* Regular Savings
* Individual Retirement Account
* Certificates of Deposit
* Children's Savings Club
* Christmas Club
* Summer Savings Club Account
* Your savings are secured to $250,000 by the National Credit Union
   Administration(NCUA), an agency of the Federal Government

* Mortgage Loans Now Available
* New and Used Auto/Truck Loans
Share-Secured Loans
* Unsecured Loans
* Line-Of-Credit Loans
* Home Equity Loans
* Tuition Assistance Loan

Other Services
* Share Draft Accounts (Checking)
* ATM Access
* Debit Cards
* Credit Cards
* Drive Through Window Access
* Credit Disability Insurance
* Credit Life Insurance
* Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance
* Split Rate Shares Dividends
* Quarterly Statements/Newsletters
* Payroll Deduction
* Online Banking and Online Bill Pay
* Direct Deposit
* Free Notary Service
* NADA Auto Valuation
* Money Orders and Travelers Checks
* 24 Hour Audio Response Teller (704.375.8605)

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